1994 Amoco statics test

This directory contains the 1994 Amoco statics test dataset, created by Mike O'Brien under the supervision of Carl Regone at the Amoco Tulsa Technology Center in 1994. Here is a low-resolution image of the velocity model.

The SEG is merely helping to distribute this dataset. By downloading this dataset you agree that the SEG is not liable in any way because of that assistance.

File list

Files ending in ``gz'' have been losslessly compressed using the UNIX command ``gzip --best''.

641.969 Megs	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_0201_0329.segy.gz
1.2625 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_0331_0599.segy.gz
1.16125 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_0601_0869.segy.gz
1.1732 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_0871_1139.segy.gz
1.18575 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_1141_1409.segy.gz
1.31279 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_1411_1679.segy.gz
1.35254 GIGS	Feb 24  2008	7m_shots_1681_1949.segy.gz
5.64361 Megs	Feb 23  2008	7o_5m_final_vtap.segy.gz
701248 bytes	Feb 22  2008	obrien_statics_model_vel.gif
251 bytes	Feb 23  2008	README_Modification
6380 bytes	Feb 26 12:00	README.txt


Note the main data files are about 1.2 gigabytes in size apiece. These files may take an hour or more per file to download! Please avoid attempting to download these files during peak network traffic times, and consider obtaining the dataset by disk-to-disk copy from someone who already has the dataset instead of by download from this site.

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