The 2004 BP Velocity-Analysis Benchmark

This directory contains the 2004 BP Velocity-analysis Benchmark dataset, as seen at the workshop ``Estimation of Accurate Velocity Macro Models in Complex Structures'' at the 2004 EAGE meeting in Paris, France. Here is a reverse-time migrated image of the dataset, courtesy GXT.

The SEG is merely helping to distribute this dataset. By downloading this dataset you agree that the SEG is not liable in any way because of that assistance.

File list

Files ending in ``gz'' have been losslessly compressed using the UNIX command ``gzip --best''.

File Size       Date            File Name
24615 bytes	Jul 22  2005	2004_Benchmark_READMES.pdf
249 bytes	Jul 24  2005	README_Modification
1.5634 Megs	Jul 20  2005	central_shot_674.gif
1041962 bytes	Jul 20  2005	eage_abstract.pdf
1.12182 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots0001_0200.segy.gz
1.11476 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots0201_0400.segy.gz
1.07479 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots0401_0600.segy.gz
1.06366 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots0601_0800.segy.gz
1.12431 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots0801_1000.segy.gz
1.12618 GIGS	Jul 20  2005	shots1001_1200.segy.gz
898.662 Megs	Jul 20  2005	shots1201_1348.segy.gz
930303 bytes	Jul 20  2005	vel_6.25m.gif
18.6284 Megs	Jul 20  2005	vel_z6.25m_x12.5m_exact.segy.gz
20.1947 Megs	Jul 20  2005	vel_z6.25m_x12.5m_lw.segy.gz
20.9454 Megs	Jul 20  2005	vel_z6.25m_x12.5m_nosalt.segy.gz
152815 bytes	Jul 20  2005	vel_z6.25m_x12.5m_saltindex.segy.gz
148924 bytes	Jul 20  2005	vel_z6.25m_x12.5m_wbindex.segy.gz
23.6625 Megs    Apr 24  2007    density_z6.25m_x12.5m.segy.gz
2.53487 Megs	Jul 20  2005	zero_offset_section.gif


Note the main data files are about 1 gigabyte in size apiece. When uncompressed, they will be just under 2 gigabytes in size (so that they can be stored on file systems that do not support individual files larger than 2 gigabytes in size). These files may take an hour or more per file to download! Please avoid attempting to download these files during peak network traffic times, and consider obtaining the dataset by disk-to-disk copy from someone who already has the dataset instead of by download from this site.

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